About Lela

Hi guys!

My name is Mikaela and I’m a Swedish woman writing about my big passion in life, food. My own food habits has been changing a lot during the last year since I’ve turned more into vegetarian food, mainly because of health reasons but also from environmental aspects. I have a big passion for alternative products when it comes to meat (especially red meat), dairy products and plain flour. This is due to the fact that I’m lactose intolerant and two of my best mates are gluten intolerant.

During my spare time I love to work out at the gym, lifting weights or practicing yoga or just having a lot of fun outside with my friends and a football. An active lifestyle with other words. Since I got this passion about health and fitness I’m really into healthy snacks and treats as well but of course I also like a real deal, I mean, who says “no thank you” to a really delicious bun or some perfect Italian ice cream? No, didn’t think so.

Well, as you might have figured out you’ll find a lot of variation in this food blog with everything from healthy treats, vegetarian food, super sweet delicious things, reviews and some snaps from one or another vacation.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where you’ll find more glimpse from my “ordinary” life as well and not just food. @lelasphoto

Lela, with passion for food and tasteful moments.

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