Chicken with tzatziki

Hi all,

hope you had a great weekend and are filled with energy for another week at work! I truly am after a lot of sleep and good food. Me and my boyfriend had the pleasure of taking a trip to our capital for a nice brunch in the archipelago. It was cloudy outside so it felt nice to stay inside, with a table filled with food and sweet stuff, and relax with some books and newspapers.

sep 23 015

Well, since we have been traveling around to different places this weekend, the fridge was close to empty when it comes to leftovers, which left me with the mission to cook some lunch for us today. Since I had some appointments this morning, I decided to go for something easy and fairly quick made. The result was roasted potatoes and carrots with some Greece inspired chicken and tzatziki.

4 portions
About 2 pounds of chicken breast (1 kg kycklingfilé)
2 tbsp lemon juice (2 msk citronjuice)
2 tbsp olive oil (2 msk olivolja)
2 tsp salt (2 tsk salt)
1 tsp oregano (1 tsk oregano)
1 tsp pennyroyal (1 tsk mynta)
1 tsp black pepper (1 tsk svartpeppar)
1 clove of garlic, crushed (1 pressad vitlöksklyfta)

sep 23 019

Carrots and potatoes to roast in the oven for 4 persons (morötter och potatis till 4 personer att ugnsrosta).

4/5 cups quark (2 dl kvarg)
½ cucumber (1/2 gurka)
Salt and pepper (salt och peppar)
1 clove of garlic, crushed (1 pressad vitlöksklyfta)

Start with the chicken. Mix olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, oregano, pennyroyal, salt and pepper in a bowl. Let the chicken marinate in the mixture for some time (if you’re not in a hurry, let it marinate for about one hour otherwise just brush it onto the chicken and then put it straight into the oven). Put the chicken in a form and cook it in 200 degrees Celsius in the oven until done.
Börja med kycklingen. Blanda alla ingredienser till marinaden och om du har tid, låt kycklingen marineras i den i en timme, annars är det bara att pensla på och stoppa in den i ugnen direkt. Tillaga kycklingen i 200 grader tills dess att den är klar.

sep 23 023

Make wedges out of the potatoes and carrots, put on an oven tray together with some olive oil and salt and pepper and then let it roast in the oven, at the same time as the chicken cooks.
Klyfta potatis och morötter. Blanda samman med olivolja, salt och peppar och låt dem rostas i ugnen på en plat under tiden som kycklingen tillagas.

The tzatziki is fairly simple to make. Grate the cucumber and let it drain. During this moment you may season it with salt which will help the cucumber lose some extra water. Mix the grated, salted cucumber with quark, garlic, salt and peppers, then you’re ready to serve!
Gör tzatzikin genom att börja med att riva gurkan. Låt gurkan sedan rinna av tillsammans med lite salt. När gurkan har fått vattna av sig en stund, blanda den med kvarg, peppar och vitlök. Redo att servera!

sep 23 016

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