Pasta sauce with pork and magic spices

Another pasta dish is coming up! Yes, that’s right, I love pasta… Can’t get enough, it’s tasteful, easy and quick and the perfect comfort food if you ask me. This time I didn’t have to high expectations since we got very few ingredients, I was a bit (read a lot) tired and I just improvised. But, as I told you before, few ingredients is often the key to success, and this was no exception. I “mmmm”:ed myself through the entire dinner and felt a bit sad after finishing my portion of fancy Sunday pasta.

sep 16 058

Enough talked, here is the extremely easy recipe! Go ahead, try it. Only took me 15 minutes to make.
3 portions of pasta sauce
1 fillet of pork, about a pound, sliced (fläskfilé, ca 500 g, skivad)
1 onion chopped (en lök, hackad)
Black pepper
A mix of chili flakes, dried parsley, sea salt and roasted garlic (En mix av chili flakes, torkad persilja, havssalt och rostad vitlök, jag har en färdig blandning)
½ stock cube (köttbuljongtärning)
5-6 dl cream and milk, your choice of blend of the two (grade och mjölk, använd de proportionerna som du önskar)

sep 16 053

sep 16 054

Fry the pork in some butter and season with the spices, put aside and fry the onion until soften. When the onion is shiny and soft add the meat to the pan again together with stock, cream and milk. Boil together and season with more salt and pepper if needed. Serve the pasta sauce with some fresh pasta and a glass of wine.

Stek fläskfilé skivorna i lite smör och krydda med peppar och blandningen som nämndes ovan. Lägg fläskfilén åt sidan och stek den hackade löken. När löken är mjuk och glansig, tillsätt köttet igen tillsammans med grädde, mjölk och buljongtärning. Låt koka upp och smaka av med salt och peppar. Servera pastasåsen med kokt färsk pasta och ett glas vin.

sep 16 059

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