Fried rice the healthy version

Hi guys,

I hoped you had an amazing weekend and ate a lot of fine food! Mine was just great! We had some friends over at friday night, just chilled out at saturday and yesterday I visited Stockholm to begin the day with some hotel breakfast with my mother and her friend. Just a pretty good weekend after all I guess.

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Well, monday is the start of the week and a perfect day to get a grip of your life again (after all good and maybe not so healthy food that you ate this weekend). The recipe I post today is absolutely wonderful! It got a bunch of falvors and is beatuiful to look at. My boyfriend was happy happy happy to eat this meal, even though it’s actually really healthy, and that is something that doesn’t happen to often! Instead of using rice we used curliflower in this dish, and for those of you who doesn’t like the taste of curliflower, don’t worry, you won’t belive that it is after tasting it! That’s how good this meal is, so go on and try it!

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The original version of this recipe comes from one of my favorite blogs, and here comes my version of it.

3-4 portions
1 cauliflower (blomkål)
2 tbsp coconut oil
2 tbsp sesame oil
2 cloves of garlic
2 fresh chillies
500 g fillet of pork (fläskfilé)
3 eggs
5 spring onions (salladslökar)
2 tbsp soy sauce

As topping it’s nice to add some chopped peanuts and sweet chilli sacue.

sep 09 005

At first I started out with my pork since I didn’t got a pan that would hold it all. I shopped it into reallt thin slices and then fried it with some oil in a pan and seasoned it with just salt and pepper. If you got yourself a nice big wok, then you may do it all in this one at once, otherwise you are doomed to like I did, poor thing.

Start with the cauliflower and chop it into small pieces (like rice or a bit bigger). It’s even easier to use a gratin-tool if you got one! Chop the chillies and spring onions. Put the oils into a big pan and add the crushed garlic. Add the chillies then your finely chopped cauliflower and let it fry for some minutes and get some nice touch of the oils and garlic. Add the spring onions and stir together.

sep 09 003
sep 09 002

Now it’s time for the soy sauce! Pour it over the cauliflower mix and stir gently until you got a nice golden color. After the soy sauce it’s time to add the fried pork. Stir it all up and then make a little well in the middle of the pan. Crack in one egg at the time into the well and let it fry for some seconds before you stir into into the cauliflower mix. Repeat this with the other eggs as well.

Now it’s time to serve your lovely (and healthy) fried rice (cauliflower) and just enjoy some damn good dinner! I can promise you that you want to do this again after trying, so don’t miss out!

sep 09 015sep 09 007

Börja med fläskfilén, skiva den mycket tunt (som lövbiff eller tunnare) och stek den med salt och peppar i lite olja. Lägg den åt sidan och börja med blomkålen. Kör den i en matberedare eller hacka den fint tills dess att du får en risliknande storlek. Värm upp sesam och kokosolja i en stek/wokpanna och pressa ner vitlöken. När den är gyllenbrun tillsätt hackad chili och låt det steka i ytterligare en minut. Häll nu ner blomkålsriset och rör runt ordentligt så att det får ta smak av oljorna. Tillsätt salladslöken och stek i en minut till. Häll på sojan och rör runt tills den är jämnt fördelad över blomkålen. Tillsätt fläskfilébitarna och se till så att de blir varma. Gör nu ett litet hål i mitten på pannan och knäck i ett av äggen. Låt det steka i några sekunder innan du rör ut det i blomkålswoken. Gör likadant med de andra äggen. Servera rätten med sweet chili sås och hackade jordnötter.

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