Pasta carbonara

I’m in love with pasta dishes, it’s so simple and it’s almost always delicious! Italians know their thing, simple cooking and the best ingredients, that’s the secret to an incredible dinner. Then, there is another big positive thing about Italian pasta dishes, it’s easy to make, takes just a minimum of time (at least some dishes) and you can serve a bunch of people! This facts make it a good thing to serve when you friends come over.

sep 01 188

So, to the recipe! I had some really bad cravings for a nice pasta dish, so after some thoughts it ended up with a damn good carbonara (done in my way). Apparently the real carbonara shouldn’t be done with cream, but since I thought that it was to little “sauce” I added som cream at the end to get a nice sauce for the pasta and get that real creamy texture that I love.

sep 01 192

This is how I did it.
180 g pancetta cubes (you may take baon if you like, but pancetta is so much better!)
One onion
3 egg yolks (äggulor)
1/2 dl cooking cream (matlagningsgrädde)
Salt and pepper

sep 01 189

Chop the onion inte small pieces, like the pancetta. Fry pancetta and onion in oliv oil until light brown. Take the pan away from the heat and add egg yolks (stir so they don’t get fried! Be careful so the pan ain’t to hot when you add the egg yolks since it will be cooked if its to hot and then you won’t get that creaminess you’re striving for). If you like me, think the carbonara isn’t creamy enough, add some cream at this stage. Taste the carbonara and season with salt end pepper if needed. Tear some Parmesan into the carbonara and serve it with pasta and add some more Parmesan if you wish!

sep 01 197


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