Borough market

One of my favorite attractions in London is definitely borough market. I love strolling around, tasting, looking and just breathing the atmosphere. Food at it’s best! This year was no disappointment. I found more nice products than I could imagine, tasted the best fudge ever and had an amazing veggie burger. Happy stomach = happy Lela!

Since I took a million pictures, I won’t babble to much, just guide you trough them and let your hunger evolve.

london 2013 127Some lovely breads just outside the center of the market! I would love to shop my morning bread here.. I got to move to London!

london 2013 129

Nice, freashly made paella. Love the colours and frangrances from this one!

london 2013 135

The brownie you can se behind the cookies at this picture was like heaven! If you go here, you must try it out!

london 2013 136

Look at this, don’t you want one!? I do…

london 2013 137I couldn’t resist to pick one of these up! And I can tell you that this was the best iced tea I ever had! It wasn’t sweetend at all, which I love since I think that the ordinary ones is more like soda than the refreshing drink it should be.

london 2013 138Nice cheese everywhere!

london 2013 139Fish at it’s best!

london 2013 140More cheese.

london 2013 146

At this place, in the arch, they got the most amazing pizza slices that you can imagine!!

london 2013 148So cute!

london 2013 149

Chocolate, I could have bought it all…

london 2013 150Food, food, food.

london 2013 152

Meze, one of my waeknesses in life!

london 2013 154Hungry?

london 2013 155Fruit and vegetables, so nice so fresh!

london 2013 160Paella, and som other flavorful dishes.

london 2013 162Nice breads, again!

london 2013 163

Olives to die for..

london 2013 164

Turkish delight, which my boyfriends sister is absolutely nuts about!

london 2013 166I loved the way they displayed their products!

london 2013 167Cheese, and more cheese!

london 2013 170Chutneys and marmelade could ruin me…

london 2013 171Cheese, once again. But this time, look at the nice display! I whiched we could do like this in the store where I work!

london 2013 172

london 2013 173

Breads made of figs and haselnuts.

london 2013 174Colorful!

london 2013 175

london 2013 176Mozarella, I would have been more than happy to eat this for lunch, yum!

london 2013 179Mustards with all sorts of seasoning!

london 2013 181Mushrooms!

london 2013 183I couldn’t get my hands of all of this inspiring salt bags.

london 2013 190How funny? Take a pig over the shoulder and walk trough the packs of visitors!

london 2013 192Tomatoes are so beautiful!

london 2013 193Another passion…

london 2013 194Got you!

london 2013 202

The best veggie burger! It was soooooooooooo good!

london 2013 203

london 2013 207

And of course my bf had an ordinary burger! He wouldn’t dare to go veggie for a meal..

That’s all for this time! Don’t forget to visit the market next time you’re in town. The full market is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and please, be hungry when you get here!



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