Roast beef dinner

A meal that I can’t get enough of is this simple one. Some nice meat, a good sauce, some ordinary potato wedges and a nice salad. It may be simple thing to do, and that’s probably why it’s so damn good. The only thing that seperates me from this kind of dish is the high price of fine beef meat, which make this dish something extra, a dish you will enjoy even more since it’s not everyday food.

aug 26 020

aug 26 021

This weekend I used some roast beef to make this nice dish. I browned it in a pan, and then cooked it in the oven until it got an internal temperature of 62 degrees celcius.
The secret about the tasteful meat, is besides the temperature, the way I brown it in the pan.

aug 26 013

You will need:
2 cloves of peeled garlic
Some branches of fresh herbs
A big dollop of butter
Olive oil

Put butter, olive oil, garlic and herbs in the pan. When the pan is hot you put down the meat, season it with salt and pepper and then use the butter/oil mix in the pan to scoop over the meat while it’s cooked. Turn the meat around so it will get the nice brown surface all around, and continue to scoop until it’s done. Then put it in the oven (200 degrees celcius) until it has reached the internal temperature you like.

aug 26 025

Serve the meat with som creamy sauce, red wine reduction, potatoes of any kind and a nice green salad.


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