Red wine reduction

aug 26 017

A nice complement, when you go for a beef or fillet, is red wine reduction. This is my mothers recipe, and it’s my boyfriends favorite. I love to add this reduction to our meat dishes, since it go well with any kind of potato (wedges as well as a creamy gratin) and together with other more creamy sauces, like mushroom and pepper.

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To make this reduction happen, you will need:

1 small parsnip (palsternacka)
1 shallots (schalottenlök)
3 dl red wine
2 branches of fresh thyme or two pinches of dried thyme (2 kvistar färsk timjan eller 1 krm torkad)
1/2 meat stock cube (köttbuljongtärning)
1 tsp tomato puree
1/2 tsp sugar
(some thickening if desired)

aug 26 004

aug 26 009

Peel and shop the shallots and parsnip finely. Fry it together with some butter until soften. Add the wine, thyme and stock cube. Boil for about ten minutes and then filter the sauce. Add tomato puree and sugar and continue to boil until only half the volume remains. Season to taste with salt and pepper and add a some extra butter to make the reduction shiny.

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