Since I’m a food geek in every kind of way, I find it extremely amusing to spend some time at Harrod’s food halls. I like to eat, taste and cook food, but I also like to walk around in food stores just to get inspiration, since my dream is to run a own department store one day.

I think Harrod’s is a nice place (besides all the tourists) to get inspired. Everything is clean, nicely placed out, and the products are of good quality. You really feel an eager to buy, and that is exactly the feeling a food store should communicate. The sad thing though, is that I can’t buy the perishables since i live in Sweden. If we ever stay in an apartment (and not hotel room) I will definitely buy myself all the ingredients to supper at this nice store (and of course from Borough market). Well, that will be another time!

london 2013 055
I mean, who doesn’t want one?

london 2013 047
Or one of these?

london 2013 058

london 2013 038

london 2013 037
Another thing I love about Harrod’s is there fruits and vegetables, so nicely arranged and so beautiful.

london 2013 059
And this nice desk, where you could order your own salad!

london 2013 033

And who doesn’t love their basement!? I mean, look at al the nice bottles of wines. You can even make a paus down here, grab some snacks and a glas of wine! I think that will be a mission on my “to do list” next time I visit London (togheter with a afternoon tea, which I incredible haven’t experienced a single time in this city! Bad tourist…)

london 2013 039

london 2013 052

I could have taken so many more pictures, but then I would bore you guys to death, so this will do for this time. Tomorrow there will be a post about my favorite breakfast in London, stay tuned!


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