Pancakes (a better way)

Berfore I started my late evening shift at work last week I made a snack for myself. The fridge was pretty empty so I decided to go for some pancakes. I don’t think that pancakes must be bad for you, and my pancakes was just as good as ordinary ones, but a bit more healty.

aug 15 001

Often it’s not the pancake itself that’s the bad thing, it’s what we put ontop. Many people think that pancakes should be eaten with jam, whipped cream, nutella and maybe some syrup. If you make a better choice of the topping you will get yorself a pretty good snack instead of a calori packed dessert. So instead of going the “bad” way, I served my pancakes with some of my homemade chocolate ice cream and some warm raspberries, and guess what? It was like heaven! SOOOO good! You should try it out!

10 Pancakes (a better version) 1 1/2 dl flour
1 1/2 dl wheat germs
1/2 tsp salt
6 dl milk (skimmed if you like)
3 eggs
About 2 tbs melted butter

aug 15 004aug 15 002

Blend flour, wheat germs and salt. Add about half the amount of milk and stir until you get a lump-free batter. Add the rest of the milk, the eggs and the melted butter, stir well. Let the batter rest for about ten minutes and then you can start to frying you pancakes!

Now, don’t forget to serve them with some good topping (and skip that sweet jam and syrup!).


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