Avocado soup

When the supermarket is filled with lovely, ripen avocados this soup is the first thing that comes to my mind. I personally love avocados and I like to put them in salads, on my toasts and yes, in soups. This meal is really simple and it just takes about 15 minutes to prepare. It’s a perfect starter as well as a light lunch option.

aug 13 027

2 portions, or 4 starters
2 avocados
Juice from 1 lime
8 dl of vegetable broth
1/2 dl creme fraiche
Cayenne pepper
Black pepper

aug 13 025

Put the broth to boiling. Put avocados, limejuice, creme fraiche and seasoning in a mixer, add the boiling broth and mix until you get a smooth creamy texture. Serve the soup with fried salomon, fresh shrimps or just with some nice pice of hard rye bread with cream cheese. Dinner is served, easy and tasteful!

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