Chia seeds


Today I want to recommend a product to you, it’s Chia seeds. This little seed is rich in omega 3 acids and thereby really good for you. I usually make porridge of my seeds, since I think that Chia seeds makes itself best as a snack inbetween meals. The only “bad” thing about this porridge is that you need to prepare it in advance. I usually make my porridge some hours before snacktime!

aug 13 024

The thing about chia seeds is that they are pretty tasteless in themself, so the taste of the porridge comes from the milk or taste that you add. I think that this is great since it gives you the possibilty to adapt the porridge to your taste buds and todays mood.

aug 13 031

To flavour the porridge you can use different kinds of milk, like ordinary one, almond milk or why not some oat milk. If you want a more tropical flavour you may use some coconut milk. If the milk in itself feels too booring, use some vanilla sugar, spices like ginger or maybe some mashed berries. If you go with a more plain porridge you can “spice it up” with some nice topping! Isn’t it great? You really can adapt this porridge to your taste and the only thing that stops new taste explotions is your imagination!

Standard measures for one portion of porridge:
2 tbs chia seeds
2 dl milk of any kind

Mix it up and let it swell for at least one hour.

aug 13 023


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