Pasta gorgonzola

During the weekend I made a delicious pasta. I like my pastas creamy and tasteful, so this time I fried some minute steak, made a Gorgonzola sauce and added some spinach to make it look good!

aug 13 020

The pasta was worthy to the weekend and I got a really pleased dinner friend, what more can you ask for? By the way it was a really quick and easy meal to do, and those ones you can’t get enough of.

Minute steak (300-400 g)

Fry the meat and season it with salt and pepper. Put aside for a minute.

250 g Fresh pasta

Boil the pasta according to information on the package.

aug 13 022

And finally, for the sauce!
200 g Gorgonzola cheese
7 dl milk and cream, use the proportions that you like

Heat the milk and cream, add the cheese and let it melt. Add salt and pepper until you are pleased with the taste and then thickening the sauce until wanted texture.

Blend together sauce, meat and pasta – and ads some spinach if you like – then serve it in a bowl and perhaps with some nice red wine!

aug 13 018


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